We are a group of young game enthusiasts from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina gathered under the name TripleClaim Game Collective.

Our team has DIY Mentality and is strongly based on open source software.

Our small team is trained in various skills spanning from animation, programming, graphics design, 3D modeling, motion graphics and films, architecture, comic & illustration, sound design & music.

Our passion and belief is in the power of good independent entertainment.

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Emir Ceric


Dejan Omasta512

Dejan Omasta

Technical Director, Programming

Boris Stapic512

Boris Stapic

Concept art, Texturing, Graphical design

Armin Halac512

Armin Halac

Animation, Rigging, 3D modeling

Benjamin Poprzanovic512

Benjamin Poprzanovic

3D Modeling, Level design

Seid Tursic512

Seid Tursic

Character modeling, Texturing

Part of what we do


Game Development

Development of 2D or 3D game projects from start to finish for any platform.


3D Modelling, Rigging, Character animation

Concept Art

Character, Environment, UI...

3D/2D non game apps

Augmented reality, serious games (training, simulations)

July 19 2014

Finalisation of SkyCola project


TripleClaim Game Collective is proud that long running project for regional soft drink company is finalised successfully. During the project we have worked on number of crucial segments to make this project possible and great success.

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